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From the day your Security System is installed you will benefit from it, and it will continue to be beneficial for many years. Your Security System can be added to, and upgraded, it can also be linked to other Security devices and provide many years of protection for your home and family.

But from day one your Security System will start its long journey of decay, this starts with dust collecting around sensitive electronics, batteries slowly reducing in efficiency, and devices not as functional as they were when they were installed.

You will also change the way you use your home, change the room function and possibly get a pet.

Finally, your Security control panel will retain its original programming version and not benefit from manufacturers upgrades.

A regular ‘Preventative Maintenance’ ensures the above won’t compromise your security.

24/7 Protection

Our Client's Problems

Something has changed, your system makes a different noise, the camera isn’t as clear, and you have lost your codes. Now you have no confidence in your Security System, and worst of all, you don’t use it anymore.

You have introduced a family pet and so you don’t set the system.

You have built an extension and it has created an easy access to the 1st floor.

As technology has moved on your system has become old, it looks old and sends the wrong signal, you are not as secure as you once were.

Crism Solutions

Domestic Service Alarm Panel

Police Response

  • All your Security System needs is an annual service, our engineer will check everything, it will either be fine or you will be informed if any action needs to be taken.

  • On completion, our engineer will issue a report that your Security System is working correctly and if any software upgrades are needed. We will include your Security System on our Maintenance Scheduling software that will send you a reminder when your Security System is due for the next service. By being on our service schedule you will have access to our 7 days a week telephone support. Where there are new additions available that will enhance your home security then we will inform you.

  • It is your insurer who pays out in the event of loss, so they encourage homeowners or even insist that your Security Systems should be regularly serviced.

  • Remote Monitoring is the ‘icing on the cake’ for any security system. We can provide 24/7 remote monitoring, this can also include Police Response. This ensures your system is continuously working correctly and has an immediate response, even when you are not there.

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