Commercial Gates & Barriers


Functional, safe and secure, a business needs all these elements, and the perimeter of the business is the business owners responsibilities.

You want visitors and your staff to access freely but you need to restrict the access at other times.

Either an Electric Gate or vehicle barrier offer controlled access and install a feeling of safety to the staff and visitors.

The automation of gates and barriers takes the dependency of relying on staff to ‘close the gates’.

Commercial Barrier

Our Client's Problems

For many businesses they have stock leaving and entering the premises. The first point of control to this movement can be either an Electric Gate or Vehicle Barrier, this provides a point of reference, a place for a CCTV camera to achieve clear images of details and vehicle Reg numbers.

External stock is always vulnerable to theft as well as plant and other vehicles needed for the next days trading.

Who locks the gates, same person or last out? How often this is the cause of theft from the yard?

Crism Solutions

Commercial Vehicle Barrier

  • Near the close of business when staff numbers are reducing, gates and barriers can be timed to close, but still allow staff to exit.

  • If any external stock is vulnerable then automated gates are essential, during forced entry the gates can be connected to alert the Alarm Monitoring Company and other keyholders.

  • Gates control the daily movement of vehicles and allow only authorised access to reduce car parking abuse.

  • You want to make it easy for your customers to attend your premises so temporary access can be given and guaranteed parking.

  • Entering via automated gates and barriers indicates to the visitor that your site is serious about your security and the safety of others on your premises.

  • Risk of injury from electric gates is well documented as a result the Government has classified electric gates as a Machine. Safety is the most important element of electric gates. Crism Security’s Gate Installations include all necessary safety features to minimise the risk of any injury to you, your staff and visitors.


  • Good service and fairly priced, plus what he does works! Chris has given us expert advice on security systems and installed and maintained those systems over a number of premises.

    Rick Flay, Property and Business Investor
  • We chose Crism for our security camera because we know and trust the owner Chris Mortimer. On the day of installation the team arrived on time, consulted us where the camera and the hard drive were to be situated and then got stuck in. There was a bit of drilling to insert cables but any dust was cleaned up. The camera is not obtrusive and gives a good picture.

    We are delighted with the end result and would be very happy to recommend Crism to others who are considering making their home more secure.

    Nick & Anne Sievewright, Commercial Photographers
  • As we are expanding our business we have built a large new fitting bay to the rear of our existing property. We therefore needed a new security alarm system for this area.

    Chris at CRISM was recommended to us by our insurance agent (the best recommendation you can get really!) Chris at CRISM and his guys were fantastic, great at answering our questions and fitting our new system.

    We certainly feel safe and secure knowing that our building is protected by a first class security system. We would recommend CRISM every time.

    AP Tyres, Tyres & Wheels Rotherham

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