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Two of the most crippling events company owners worry about are Fire, and Burglary, quite often the fire is a result of a burglary.

Either of the two above events can blight your business for a short period or it could close the business if the effects are catastrophic.

A typical intrusion in a business may result in losses of stock and data but any impact not only affects the business operation but can affect the businesses relationship with their clients if stock is damaged or stolen and the customer information is compromised.

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Continuation of the business operations is everything, the business has to meet deadlines and perform for its customers; an intrusion can bring all this to a stop.

Mode of transport is vital to deliver stock and service engineers, so the loss of vehicles and fuel will be crippling to the next days trading.

Cable theft can also stop daily operations and be costly to replace as well as time-consuming.


Even with an installed Intruder Alarm system staff safety can be reduced if attending early in the morning or locking up at night. Determined Intruders can lay in wait for staff who carry keys and have the necessary Alarm codes.

After an Intrusion, your customers' data may have been compromised and as a result, you are legally bound to inform all you customers of the potential breach within 72 hours, this will again affect your reputation with your customers.

Crism Solutions

Factory Stock

  • As an accredited installer Crism Security will install an Intruder Alarm system to a minimum Grade2 to meet the risks posed to commercial properties.

  • In some cases, the installation grade will be a Grade3 where the cost from an Intrusion to a business is considerable.

  • Crism Security installations will include detection devices to monitor all areas of risk. This will allow areas to be programmed individually, so parts of the business can be protected whilst other parts are still operational.

  • All our graded systems come with a comprehensive Maintenance Agreement and Remote Monitoring to inform keyholders and Police when your business security system has been activated.

  • Having a remote monitoring station and keyholding company allows not only 24/7 protection but also allows the business owner to sleep soundly, knowing their business security is automated and effective.


  • Good service and fairly priced, plus what he does works! Chris has given us expert advice on security systems and installed and maintained those systems over a number of premises.

    Rick Flay, Property and Business Investor
  • We chose Crism for our security camera because we know and trust the owner Chris Mortimer. On the day of installation the team arrived on time, consulted us where the camera and the hard drive were to be situated and then got stuck in. There was a bit of drilling to insert cables but any dust was cleaned up. The camera is not obtrusive and gives a good picture.

    We are delighted with the end result and would be very happy to recommend Crism to others who are considering making their home more secure.

    Nick & Anne Sievewright, Commercial Photographers
  • As we are expanding our business we have built a large new fitting bay to the rear of our existing property. We therefore needed a new security alarm system for this area.

    Chris at CRISM was recommended to us by our insurance agent (the best recommendation you can get really!) Chris at CRISM and his guys were fantastic, great at answering our questions and fitting our new system.

    We certainly feel safe and secure knowing that our building is protected by a first class security system. We would recommend CRISM every time.

    AP Tyres, Tyres & Wheels Rotherham

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