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We are a ‘close knit’ team, including highly knowledgeable engineers with a focus of making buildings safe and secure

I always say everything can be done with security equipment to overcome a problem. Because we are knowledgeable in all areas we always find the best solution, using quality products from leading manufacturers and at a fair price so you get the best you can to suit your budget.

What excites us?

The new technology possibilities, including Apps and Cloud storage, coupled with tried and tested equipment that has proven its reliability.

Our continued Accreditations cover all our systems, from a single door intercom to advanced networked Security systems of multisite businesses. We are specialist installers of Easy Access and DDA systems. We employ an Occupational Therapist who advises on these system designs.

We are grateful for the people and businesses that have tasked us with providing their Security, maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and support.

Why choose Crism Security

We have been involved in security systems from the late 80s and moved with the fast and evolving security industry. From very basic to the fantastic we have grown and been involved with the new technologies whilst not giving up on the quality of installations carried over from earlier times.

It is always with pride after completing an installation that we can provide a certificate of compliance to the current standards, our accreditations are incredibly important to us, they reflect our mission, competence and accountability to the industry and our customers.

We offer fast, professional, exceptional services.

We are responsive when required which is a must in the security industry. All our staff have the experience, the know-how and the tools to respond with the aim of rectifying a problem and retaining the level of security our clients demand.

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