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Most commercial buildings and businesses have adopted some elements of CCTV. This is mostly for crime reduction, monitoring staff, vehicles, stock and manufacturing processors.

However, the CCTV industry has moved at a great pace, it is commonplace to see 8MP (4k) cameras and above used in everyday installations. Unfortunately, most businesses still struggle with the old and ‘long gone’ cameras that are even less than 1MP.

The use of CCTV is boundless in many situations, crime and the prevention of crime is just part of the many benefits of CCTV.

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The benefits of CCTV are well documented. TV and Youtube are packed with incidents, theft, accidents, fatalities and questionable H&S claims that all blight the running of a business.

Recovery time and replacing stock, IT equipment, plant and customer data has a damaging impact on reputation and costs, especially having to let your customers down.

Relying on staff to check correct operation and procedures, and indications of early problems with equipment – such as conveyers, freezers, assembly lines, electrical switchgear.

Staff attending workplace with illness (colds, flu and other infectious conditions) that would result in more staff absentees and infecting your products.

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  • Security, in general, but especially CCTV empowers the business owner, allowing them to monitor and make adjustments to how they manage daily tasks. CCTV gives ‘real-time’ and accurate reporting of people and vehicle movement, stock levels and customer interaction whilst on site.

  • CCTV analytics now offers facial detection which can also be used for access control. ‘Line Crossing’ detection can sound warning alarms if restrictive areas are entered or stock is loaded too high. CCTV ‘People Counters’ aid retail business by giving information on customer buying habits.

  • CCTV cameras can be placed at strategic locations covering manufacturing and assembly processors to alert staff at the earliest point to save further damage for example recording freezer temperature.

  • New technology in CCTV now includes Thermal detection of equipment and people’s body temperature alerting you to take action, preventing what could be a bigger problem.


  • Good service and fairly priced, plus what he does works! Chris has given us expert advice on security systems and installed and maintained those systems over a number of premises.

    Rick Flay, Property and Business Investor
  • We chose Crism for our security camera because we know and trust the owner Chris Mortimer. On the day of installation the team arrived on time, consulted us where the camera and the hard drive were to be situated and then got stuck in. There was a bit of drilling to insert cables but any dust was cleaned up. The camera is not obtrusive and gives a good picture.

    We are delighted with the end result and would be very happy to recommend Crism to others who are considering making their home more secure.

    Nick & Anne Sievewright, Commercial Photographers
  • As we are expanding our business we have built a large new fitting bay to the rear of our existing property. We therefore needed a new security alarm system for this area.

    Chris at CRISM was recommended to us by our insurance agent (the best recommendation you can get really!) Chris at CRISM and his guys were fantastic, great at answering our questions and fitting our new system.

    We certainly feel safe and secure knowing that our building is protected by a first class security system. We would recommend CRISM every time.

    AP Tyres, Tyres & Wheels Rotherham

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