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Crism Security often get called to faults when a companies Security System has stopped working, but well before this there would have been signs things were not operating correctly.

Such is the devastating consequences of crime to a business it is vital that the Security Systems you once put in place are still operational because they are needed today more than ever.

Maintenance (Camera)

Our Client's Problems

Just a small incident with minimal cost to repair can lead to expanding costs in your business through lost time and replacing important items.

A business owner now has to conform to GDPR so all your clients information needs to be kept secure. If their information is compromised, you will have to inform them within 72 hours of an incident, this in itself is a time expense you don’t need.

Your Intruder and CCTV systems were installed for a reason, you risk assessed and went ahead with the installation, and at the time it was great, you probably saw the benefits straight away.

An aging Security System limps along, giving you just a flicker of light or a misty camera image, a dulled external sounder with faded and peeled signage. This all reflects the state of the security of the business and it’s lack of effectiveness to offer protection.

Crism Solutions

Vari-focal Dome Camera

  • You will at some time buy a new system so why not invest now. Have a Service, upgrade, or install new and get the benefit and protection every business needs.

  • No Security System will get to a point of being useless if it is regularly serviced.

  • Remote Monitoring does not just offer immediate action but just as importantly Monitors your Security System 24/7 for any failings such as; false alarms, low batteries, wrong times, compromised camera images, hard drive failures and detection device problems.

  • Crism Security can remotely access our customers Security Systems to correct, reset and test their security equipment. We can also rectify faults and make minor adjustments to keep your system operational. If a site visit is also required one of our engineers will attend withing 48 hours to rectify the fault,  and maintain your businesses protection.

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