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‘Homeowners’ can take advantage of all the new technology the CCTV industry has recently gone through.

With the introduction of smartphones, we can detect, monitor, record and view remotely anything where we can place a camera.

Home Security is having control and automated systems to secure your home and protect you and your family

This doesn’t need to be just in your home, CCTV and external detection can be extremely useful when installed at your parent’s home if they are vulnerable and at risk from criminal activity.

CCTV will give you power and control to take instant action with minimum risk.

Paxton10 Mini Dome Camera

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Never miss a caller, protect your cars, vans and caravan. Who is outside your home? Why are they there?

When your home is empty you trust and hope it is safe, you arrive home and feel relieved things are as you left them.

Be it an act of crime, flood, fire or gas leak, you will not know until a neighbour or the police call you.

Crism Solutions

ProControl+ CCTV App

  • Our HD CCTV cameras see clear images in both day and night mode, you can now view your home from your armchair or anywhere with a mobile phone or internet connection.

  • Monitor visitors, view missed deliveries, watch your pets and children play in the garden. Keep a lookout for Taxis and ‘take away’ deliveries.

  • Never miss a caller, view the weather, view your cars and even the fish in the pond.

  • Whether you are in your home or miles away you can look around your property and, with again using the latest tech you can be notified if anyone is outside your home.

  • All current CCTV recording devices have external detection built-in, this is in the form of ‘Line Crossing’ technology. This means you will be alerted to people entering your external areas and you can also add microphones, external speakers and turn on external lighting and audio warning devices.

  • You can save recordings and print images to inform the police and neighbours who and what to look out for, offering increased protection for your community.


  • Good service and fairly priced, plus what he does works! Chris has given us expert advice on security systems and installed and maintained those systems over a number of premises.

    Rick Flay, Property and Business Investor
  • We chose Crism for our security camera because we know and trust the owner Chris Mortimer. On the day of installation the team arrived on time, consulted us where the camera and the hard drive were to be situated and then got stuck in. There was a bit of drilling to insert cables but any dust was cleaned up. The camera is not obtrusive and gives a good picture.

    We are delighted with the end result and would be very happy to recommend Crism to others who are considering making their home more secure.

    Nick & Anne Sievewright, Commercial Photographers
  • As we are expanding our business we have built a large new fitting bay to the rear of our existing property. We therefore needed a new security alarm system for this area.

    Chris at CRISM was recommended to us by our insurance agent (the best recommendation you can get really!) Chris at CRISM and his guys were fantastic, great at answering our questions and fitting our new system.

    We certainly feel safe and secure knowing that our building is protected by a first class security system. We would recommend CRISM every time.

    AP Tyres, Tyres & Wheels Rotherham

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