Commercial Access Control


Access control in business is not necessarily aimed at security, but the control of staff and visitors to access or restrict access to secure areas. Restricted areas can be sensitive such as products, product information, customer information, processors and a risk to life or limb.

Access control can be basic where the risk is low, or they can be advanced systems controlled via PC software and networked across offices, towns and countries.

Access Control allows you to monitor peoples movement from the perimeter, main entrance door, internal areas, exiting and leaving the controlled area.

Card-authorised Access Control

Our Client's Problems

How to keep untrained operatives out of dangerous areas.
What is ‘Lock Down’ and why you may need it.
Staff and visitors should all feel safe in and around your business’s premises. Who is in your building? When did they enter or leave? How long they have been in your business and can everyone get out in the case of an emergency.
Most businesses have Access Control, even if this amounts to a basic ‘Yale type’ lock, but this is not good enough, not if you need effective Access Control. To achieve this your locking mechanisms need to be suitable for the risk they are meant to protect.
Too many locking systems are of poor quality and can be easily overcome or ineffective if not serviced. Nearly all locks have moving parts that wear with time and use. If a door is not secure then persons will be where they shouldn’t and the business owner will be responsible for the safety of anyone who is in any restricted area of the building.

Crism Solutions

Commercial Access Doors

  • All our Access Control systems are purchased from leading manufactures. The quality of the equipment is their reputation as well as Crism Security’s.

  • Our installations are installed to current EN & BS Standards to ensure your Access Control is the right choice. We will recommend options that will be the best solution for your business’s Access Control needs.

  • With regular servicing, all your doors will be effective and keep the authorised people working efficiently in their secured areas.
  • Any Access Control system is simple to manage no matter how large. Easy and clear software has been designed for you the end-user.

  • Automated doors work in unison with Access Control, these systems offer ease of use for deliveries, disabled and assisted entry/egress.

  • Your staff and visitors expect some level of Access Control, it reminds them of their responsibilities and gives them a feeling of protection from situations beyond the control of the business owner.

  • Building sites are typical areas where Access is essential for people and materials combined with a higher risk of injury.


  • Good service and fairly priced, plus what he does works! Chris has given us expert advice on security systems and installed and maintained those systems over a number of premises.

    Rick Flay, Property and Business Investor
  • We chose Crism for our security camera because we know and trust the owner Chris Mortimer. On the day of installation the team arrived on time, consulted us where the camera and the hard drive were to be situated and then got stuck in. There was a bit of drilling to insert cables but any dust was cleaned up. The camera is not obtrusive and gives a good picture.

    We are delighted with the end result and would be very happy to recommend Crism to others who are considering making their home more secure.

    Nick & Anne Sievewright, Commercial Photographers
  • As we are expanding our business we have built a large new fitting bay to the rear of our existing property. We therefore needed a new security alarm system for this area.

    Chris at CRISM was recommended to us by our insurance agent (the best recommendation you can get really!) Chris at CRISM and his guys were fantastic, great at answering our questions and fitting our new system.

    We certainly feel safe and secure knowing that our building is protected by a first class security system. We would recommend CRISM every time.

    AP Tyres, Tyres & Wheels Rotherham

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