Dog Theft – How to protect your dog

What is it about Dogs?

Apart from our family and friends we don’t have such a strong and loving relationship with anything else other than Dogs.

Why?, it’s because they are obviously human, or at least a variation of humans, they have got to be, look at their eyes, their expressions, their unconditional love and pure devotion.

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Don’t Touch!

The security industry has always ridden the crest of the wave of technology since the introduction of micro processes catapulting security from padlocks, ‘Deadlocks’ and big dogs, to programmable, timed and remotely controlled systems.

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Crism Security | Deltabell Alarm Installations in Doncaster

Grading of Intruder Alarm Systems Explained

People ask me what does a Graded Intruder Alarm mean? Do I need a graded one? Do I need to check my present alarm? How do I know if it is graded if I have no paperwork and I have inherited the system? So, I hope I can clarify some of your queries…

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