Can you see exactly what is happening in your premises in real time, keeping your staff and visitors safe?


Do your cameras employ the very latest technology and store high resolution images?

For 30 years, Crism Security has designed, installed and maintained CCTV systems in banks, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, retail units, industrial buildings, pubs, hotels and even police stations.

Our CCTV systems record and store high resolution footage of everything in range of your cameras. You’ll know exactly who’s been where and what they’ve been doing. You’ll know what vehicles have visited your site. When incidents occur, you’ll see exactly what happened, who was involved, and why it occurred, which can be very useful if you ever have to defend a health and safety claim.


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Our consultants will gladly discuss your requirements with you – including what your specific needs are and how these will best be satisfied with current CCTV technology.

CCTV systems are often obligatory for insurance purposes for most licensed premises. Though you may, for instance, wish to create a safer working environment – people tend to behave better when they know they are being recorded, after all.

When your images are sent to a monitoring station, this information is invaluable for training and education and, indeed, for any insurance and/or criminal prosecution purposes.

As long as you choose Crism Security, your CCTV system will be installed to create the right environment for your premises, your employees, you and your visitors – that much we guarantee.

Large sites can be easily monitored by one operator from a central viewing station – at any time, you can go back in time and see exactly what happened. Knowing this, you can make positive changes to your premises and working practices and create a safer and more secure environment. These recorded images will also prove useful for training and education in your business operations.

We make sure that our CCTV installations interact with your other security systems such as intruder alarms and access control to provide you with exactly the level of control you want to securely manage your business activities, workforce and visitors. Beyond that, you’ll reduce the risk of accidents, unwanted intrusions and questionable health and safety claims.

You will be confident that your CCTV system is a business investment that produces a high rate of return. Putting you in total control of your site.

And of course, we will maintain the effectiveness of your system as technology advances.