Dog Theft – How to protect your dog

What is it about Dogs?

Apart from our family and friends we don’t have such a strong and loving relationship with anything else other than Dogs.

Why?, it’s because they are obviously human, or at least a variation of humans, they have got to be, look at their eyes, their expressions, their unconditional love and pure devotion.

No wonder we love ‘em, we build such a relationship, an understanding, and friendship so it’s no wonder we call them ‘a man’s best friend’.

I personally, don’t get on with dogs, not that I don’t like them, but I am nervous around them. They have a pointy end and are generally ‘jumpy uppy’ together with doggy noises ranging from ‘grrrrreh’ to ‘woof’, sometimes deep woofs, more like ‘Wuuuuff’, I have no idea what they mean but it does put me on edge.

But I get it, I can see why dogs are loved, you only have to look at they’re eyes, rather, there eyebrows. Look at how expressive they are, it’s like they are talking to you using eyebrow sign language, you don’t understand the eyebrows but you hear the words. Just like Sam Neil experienced in the film The Piano, Ada was dumb but Sam thought he could hear her words from her facial expression, ….sorry, going off track there a little.


So, putting the noise and pointy bits to one side where’s the downer here? Ok, so there are the vets fees, the vets, doggy poo, yellow grass, hairs, smells, age ,death and loss, oh, and feeding £££££.

But it is not enough to put us off, no where near enough, not nowhere never, never ever, ever.


So, my point is…..

                Have you ever thought about your dog being stolen?

What an event…

what a loss…

it even makes me feel sad writing this, to lose such a companion with a cemented relationship taken from you.


Crism Security are not in the dog business, we are security installers. But there has always been dog theft and this is currently getting out of control, so I would like to suggest what will help you in the fight against this awful crime.


I didn’t realise how much some dogs can cost, ‘blimey O riley’. I know dogs are ‘priceless’ to their owners but wow, £2000, £3000 and upwards for some dogs I wouldn’t look twice at (I never make eye contact anyway, I have been told this is a no no).

Dogs don’t seem to roam the streets anymore like they did in the 1970s, but then again those dogs were for nowt. Now you have got £2k to £3k, otherwise known as ‘Toby,’ running around in your garden. You may not have done anything other than improving the fence to protect your expensive best friend.


So here is a list of things you can consider that will be a benefit to you and keep a close eye on Toby:


  • CCTV-CCTV-CCTV: This is such a power tool, now with clever analytics for motion detection, watch on your TV-Mobile-Laptop-iPad-Computer.
  • CCTV with integrated external detection-covering: Paths, Side Gates, Kennels, be alerted when someone is in your garden.
  • Garden Gate alarm, a great deterrent to opportunist thieves.
  • Garden Gate Chime, connect gate contacts to your Intruder Alarm and have it alert you.
  • Automated Gates, not the cheapest option but cheaper than 2 x Toby’s
  • Dog Fob, effectively Dog Access Control allowing Toby to be tagged and activate alarms when he has gone through a controlled area such as a gate.
  • Improved external lighting, good for Toby, good for you, bad for criminals.
  • Fencing, is your fence up to it?.
  • Be aware of strangers on your estate
  • Be aware of strange cars/vans outside your home
  • Get Toby ‘chipped’
  • Check out your local Social Media groups for recent theft activity.



So, don’t take Toby for granted, or somebody may take Toby…

Anything you do to protect your pet will also be a great addition to any home, so you get an ‘all round’ better sense of Safety, Security and Control.


The writer would like to thank Toby, I still don’t get on with dogs but Toby is a lovely dog and makes me feel at ease.



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