Maintenance and Monitoring


Do you service your car when it needs it?


Guess what, your high quality security system is just the same.


Whether it’s CCTV, access control or automated gates that you have in place, we’re here for you whenever you need us – be it correcting a fault, updating technology or simply giving it a general service.

At Crism Security, we’ve been maintaining our clients’ security systems for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about them.

We also have great ties with authorities to make sure your system can be remotely monitored and, in cases where it’s necessary, swift police response can be actioned.


Email us for a maintenance request callback


Just leave your name, telephone number and a brief, one-line description of your request and we’ll get back to you so quickly, you’ll see our maintenance and service contracts are a necessity.


Maintenance and Service Agreements

Crism offers three levels of maintenance & service agreement to ensure that your system continues to work to its optimum; Standard, Standard Plus & Premium.

With all of our installations the client has the option to take out a maintenance of service agreement and Crism Ltd will be happy to inspect and offer maintenance and servicing of any existing system.

The standard length of the agreement is 12 months, however, a discount can be offered for longer length agreements.

Remote Security Monitoring

Your alarm or CCTV system can be monitored remotely through an alarm receiving company. Crism works closely with the East Midlands Central Station (EMCS) to ensure that our clients can benefit from monitoring services at very affordable prices.

The EMCS can then contact you or whoever you choose as a point of contact only if your alarm is activated or your CCTV picks up suspicious activity.

EMCS monitored alarms can also be set to be police response systems, meaning that when your alarm is triggered and confirmed the police will be summoned to attend the site.

You will be confident that your maintenance and service contract is an investment that produces a high rate of return, putting you in total control of your site.