Disabled Access Sheffield

There are key pieces of legislation currently in place stating that corporate property must be accessible to all and not be discriminatory towards people with disabilities including:

Disability Discrimination Act 2005
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
The Disability Equality Duty 2006

To help businesses comply with these laws Crism Ltd are experienced installers of various equipment, prominently powered door operator systems. We have designed these systems to be easy to operate and to combat the issues caused from various disabilities whether they be sight, hearing or physical.

Powered door access is also very convenient for many others. A past example includes a doctors surgery which, due to the installation of a ‘push button to open’ powered door system, now makes entrance and exit much easier for both new mothers with prams/pushchairs and the elderly, with and without wheelchairs, who used to struggle with the heavy doors.

Powered door access can easily be linked up to new or existing access control and can easily be set to act as a locking system or to unlock if the fire alarm is activated.

Disabled Access Systems

We provide and install a wide range of Disability access systems throughout Sheffield

For more information about Disabled access systems please call us on 0114 220 7118